About Me

Hey there:)

I’m Alka Pandey and I guess you might know my name by now after visiting my website. So first, welcome to my website, 😊and thank you for taking an interest in knowing about me. So first thing first I born and brought up in Jaipur also known as Pink City. I’m a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) graduate and I have completed my graduation in 2020. I am a passionate and aspiring digital marketer. I write about digital marketing on this blog.😃

Ever since I started to know about myself one thing is very clear to me “Live What You Dream”. And It is true also if you won’t dare to fight for your dream then who will? Right.  In my mind, I knew that I wanted to have a happily satisfying career that needs to be interesting yet challenging yet exciting and there should be new things to learn. But, I hope you can relate with me that the growing phase is difficult and confusing like which career to choose, where to start and there are lots of questions from everywhere. It was confusing for me also. But thankfully one day I was searching in google that Career after graduation. And there I bumped into the miracle. I learned about digital marketing. I would be lying if I say that it was the first time I learned this term, No… I have heard this term before but I never took it seriously. In August 2020, I was again introduced to digital marketing, and this time I started to learn more and more about digital marketing. I was amazed by the digital world.

That’s when I decided to build my career in digital marketing and I chose to join the internship program by India’s Top Digital Marketer Deepak Kanakaraju also known as Digital Deepak.

I have learned a lot in this internship program. And now I truly understand what it is supposed to mean that Unlock Your True Potential. This internship program really pushed me and make me come out of my comfort zone and learned different and new things daily. You can actually say that it is a blessing in disguise for me.

I am enjoying this never-ending learning journey of mine. My journey has started and I really want you to be part of this. So, if you are also an aspiring digital marketer and seeing yourself in this dynamic digital world. Then you will learn more and exciting things about digital marketing in my blog. As it is rightly said, “Digital Marketing is more about Marketing than Digital”.  And I firmly believe in this.

I want to do better every day. For me, as long as you are learning, you are always ahead of your past self and fulfilled as a person.

So lot’s of talk about me, If you want to share about yourself with me or you are interested to speak with me just drop me an email via the Content me page. I promise I will get back to you ASAP.


Alka pandey